Having spent over 10 years mixing music with a passion, I have decided to share my awesome mixes with you at your events. My passion for music began during my teenage years just like everyone else, but for me it was about not just listening but being a part of the music. My pleasant personality, and unique background in music enabled me to embrace different genres of music, cultures and styles of mixing.

My wide selection of music includes but not limited to House, Trance, Electro 70’s, 80’s, 90’s R&B & Bangra and much more. With a passion for music from the day I took my first breath I easily got hooked on music from popular artists in the late 80’s and as I the music changed over the years so did I, yet music from my past still brought joy, compassion, motivation and entertainment to my life. While most of my friends who also had the lust for mixing music together to bring out the own original rhythm, beats and
tunes chose to adapt to one genre of music I decide to be diverse when it came to music thus I became well experience in mixing music and creating music of all genre’s including the popular House, Pop, trance, Electro, RnB, 80’s, & 90’s.

With that being said I can assure you whether we play at your wedding, birthday party, year-end function or kids party we will play with the utmost passion to give life to your event.